Bowling League Tuneup was first released in 2014. Several subsequent releases were made in the following two years, many in response to customer feedback to add program features and improve the documentation. The second 2016 release included a price reduction.

Starting with 2017's version 2.0 release, Bowling League Tuneup is now being offered as freeware. The decision was made to forego short-term profits in favor of providing for the long-term health of the app via the largest possible customer base. This will make it easier to collaborate with other bowling league software companies in the future to enhance Bowling League Tuneup's capabilities.

Data import is the most important such capability. Our customers have told us so. While data import is not needed to perform preseason league analyses, creation of in-season and postseason league analyses and bowler performance sheets would benefit greatly from being able to bring in bowler scores directly from the league management software the leagues are already using. But first we need to increase our customer base.

In 2016 we met with the U.S. Bowling Congress to demonstrate our product. In our meeting, the USBC readily conceded that a hard-to-measure but large number of leagues around the country do not give all teams a realistic chance to succeed. Unfortunately, their attitude is that if a league uses a handicap formula that renders a league unfair, that is not a USBC problem. Surprisingly, a USBC league sanction does not consider whether the league is fair.

While acknowledging Bowling League Tuneup's potential to increase the fairness – and therefore the popularity – of league bowling, the USBC does not do product endorsements and therefore cannot recommend that leagues use our product. They have, however, agreed to refer bowlers and leagues to our website when issues involving league fairness arise. It’s a first step.

If you are concerned about the fairness of your own bowling leagues, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with the USBC via their website ( We certainly wouldn't mind if you mention Bowling League Tuneup when you talk to them!