Bowling League Tuneup was created by Richard Price, a computer programmer and league bowler in the Los Angeles area, through his small business, Priceless Analytical Software.

The need for this app arose organically after it became apparent to Richard that some of his handicap leagues weren’t fair. In those leagues, the teams with the best bowlers clearly had too much of an advantage, as they predictably won season after season. Also, one team had a bowler whose average exceeded the handicap formula's base number. This clearly gave that team an unfair advantage, but Richard didn't know how to measure how big that advantage was. Meanwhile, the bowling center manager was increasingly frustrated about the center’s declining league participation because their leagues lacked competitiveness.

Richard proceeded to do voluminous Internet searches in a futile attempt to find definitive research or software that addressed the subject of proper bowling league setup. What he found instead were countless websites and blogs where authors expounded at length on how to set up a bowling league. Everyone, it seemed, had an opinion. Unfortunately, many of their opinions contradicted each other and many were not mathematically defensible.

So Richard embarked on his own study of the subject. This research ultimately resulted in his creation of Bowling League Tuneup – the only bowling league software out there which strives not to manage leagues but to actually make leagues work better, to the benefit of both bowlers and bowling centers.

The unique nature of our product and the small size of our company present daunting challenges in making Bowling League Tuneup known to bowling centers and league bowlers far and wide. Our website is our primary advertising tool. Now that you’ve found it, we hope you’ll spread the word about the benefits our app can bring to the health and well-being of leagues and bowling centers everywhere.

We may be a small company, but we are fiercely devoted to bowling in general and league bowling in particular. We hope that making Bowling League Tuneup available for free will maximize its impact on the game.